new voice

Today, my beautiful MX3 has a new sound system. I replaced the old Blaupunkt Kansas DJ51 which came with the car with Pioneer DEH-2220UB които не е кои знае какво специално просто подържа USB интерфеис кото ми осигурява максимално качество на музика без да прескача досадно по дупките и същевременно осигурева качествен звук 😉 . Old Blaupunkt leaves for my father, it was totally useless to me especially considering that it was with a cassette 😀 Nowadays who uses such equipment 😆 Pioneer was delivered to me and installed by my friend Nedko Penev who has a specialized score for quality audio music. Except, that he is a good friend of mine, the young man understands a hell of a lot of work. In 2009 he won an award for car music in the prestigious competition EMMA 🙂 So if you need quality and expert opinion installation and manufacture, and not a guy I'll punch the back crust and put 2 the speaker and let the thunder not be heard in the car contact my man.

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