mysql repair all databases

Yesterday after the update of the version of mysql, my server started yelling at me, It has a tray, that has not been closed cleanly and in need of repair, etc.. Blah, What is this table, still have around 30 on this server. One option is to see the log-s what it says on the matter and to run a repair of the table or the other option – far better – is to run a repair, check and optimize all tables. For this purpose, I will use the mysqlcheck tool. Generally the options in this case are both komendi are synonymous to each other:

mysqlcheck -Aor -u root -p

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

Generally, that both commands to use, the effect will be the same – fragrant repair, screening and optimization of all tables. After typing either of the commands, you will be asked for the root password of mysql server-a you.

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