mysql repair all databases

Yesterday after updating the mysql version, my server started screaming at me, that there is a plate, which has not been closed cleanly and needs repair and so on. Blah, what will be this table, after all, I have about 30 on this server. One option is to see in the logs what is written on the issue and run a fix on the table or the other option – far better – is to run a fix, check and optimize all tables. For this purpose I will use the mysqlcheck tool. In general, the options in this case are as both commands are synonymous with each other:

mysqlcheck -Aor -u root -p

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

Generally, whichever command you use, the effect will be the same – aromatic correction, проверка и оптимизация на всички таблици. After writing either of the two commands, you will be asked for the root password of your mysql server.

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