MX3 think

For a while I had decided to take a break from the car, that is, to leave the poor thing alone and in the autumn to start picking and booing, however, as I sat and thought, what about this little V6 if I hit a slight inflation with a turbine, say about 0.4-0.5 the bar will be nice. And the story began again. Crouching reading and stuff and in the interest of truth the idea is not bad at all with a weak bloated K8 will do about 180 donkeys can and slightly up. After a certain amount of bills, etc., I started picking a turbine, then I intended to look at how to make my own kit and so on.. However, I came across an ad for a KL-DE engine, I called just out of interest to see what price they would give me and after I found out the price I completely gave up turbocharging the small K8, the price is relatively the same, the horses will be very close, except that the big engine will it gave me a lot of future opportunities while with turbocharging I would have reached almost the limit of my little V6. So life health in late fall I hope to officially drive a Mazda MX-3 Neo Mod 🙂

Here is a table of options for changing the MX-3 engine

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