mx3 disease

Така от седмица ме тресе мощна треска или болест според зависи 😆 Болничък съм от Mazda MX3 болест 🙂 От много време се каня да си купя кола но все не се решавам поради много причини или основната е че си имам кола за каране и не изпитвам остра нужда от така. It's buzzing with an old rattled Volvo 440 but it works for me 🙂 However, for a week now I have been in a car crisis again hihihihih this time I have decided it very seriously I have a good enough salary, that I can afford a car 🙂 I looked at a lot of car options and my previous favorite Peugeot 206 dropped out after I decided that my car would be fast hihihihihih I liked it Mazda MX3 in general I read a lot of literature before I dwelled on this option 😉 after all I'm a smart boy how will I go without reading. Mazda is available in several engine variations

The base model of the mazda RX3 – RS – comes with 2 engine 88 c.. SOHC 16v B6 ME available in models 1992-1993 and 108 c.. DOHC B6 D

The GS model is only available 1.8 (133/136 c.c.) K8 , as the difference in power does not come from the engine itself, and from the collectors and other peripheral components.

1.8 the option that is 136 it's horses 24 6V valve which makes it the most- the small 6V motor 😉 For those unfamiliar with motors, this means, that it is an absolute cutter 😉 hihihihihih In general they give it quite stable because of the hard and suspension which makes it great, a small drawback is that it is 2+2 places and not like more cars 2+3 🙂 but that doesn't confuse me to think of those in the back hihihihihih Extremely beautiful car with a very aggressive look. The trunk and looks unique, the whole is glass and gives extra shine to this cute hatchback. What more can I say next week I'm thinking of looking at a few ads for such a car, I will also need a little luck, that it's a little hard to find isn't as massive as Opel, ford or fiat 😉 This makes it even more… as for me. Ugh, when I get excited about something and it's so hard for me not to own it 😈 🙄

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