mx3 disease

Week of fever or cold according to powerful disease depends on 😆 am Mazda MX3 does Clarky have the sniffles from the 🙂 disease for a long time to buy a car but not solved for many reasons or the main one is that I have a car for a ride and feel no need of so. In fact, the noise from the old redrhino Volvo 440 but what was I to do at work 🙂, However, the week of the year I am no less a crisis for car hihihihih this time quite seriously I decided I don't have a good salary, to afford a car 🙂 I went through quite a lot of options of cars, and my previous favorite Peugeot 206 took off after I decided that my car will be fast hihihihiih Heresy I Mazda MX3 actually I read quite a lot of literature before settling on this option 😉 still, Yes, I'm a smart boy, how to pass without reading. Masticate comes in several warily engines

The base model mazda RX3 – RS – comes with 2 engine 88 k.with. SOHC 16v B6 ME is available in models 1992-1993 and 108 k.with. DOHC B6 D

The GS model offers only 1.8 (133/136 k.with.) K8 , the difference in power comes not from the engine itself, and from collectors and other peripheral devices.

1.8 options that 136 dragonflies it is 24 vinilov 6V making it- a small 6V engine 😉 For mesopotania with engines, this means, what is the absolute cutter 😉 hihihihiih generally give dossani stable due to solid and suspension, making it super, small neotyk that 2+2 places, and more cars 2+3 🙂 but that does not bother me to think that this " rear hihihihihi Very beautiful car with a very aggressive look. The trunk and look unique all glass and gives an additional sparkle to this cute hatchback. Something to say next week I'll review a few ads for the car, never will I have and good luck, it's a little hard to find not a mass, as Opel, Ford or Fiat 😉 this makes It even more… for me. Ugh, how to make something, and it's so hard to not have 😈 🙄

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