Well, for starters I can start with a happy name day to all the adashi 🙂 and cheers be better and better at what you do. At the moment I notice a certain tendency to deal with laptops for days and not just anything. HP 🙂 in general I don't like huled packer at all especially les all our meetings for turning from worm to XP 🙂 As usual I accepted an order for HP just out of stubbornness to show him who is the best in this battle 😈 Well, in general I started to reconsider what everything is always like I didn't catch any drivers, other than the expected movie. Through google I checked for drivers and sent me directly to the official site and I know that since then things haven't worked for me so far we once skeptically downloaded 2-3 Driavera and oh heaven about a miracle…. work. Eventually, I started downloading the others… damn it all worked like dudes in less than an hour I had a working machine with all the extras on it 🙂 Fucking I sat and watched speechless there was a miracle for the first time without problems with an HP machine and even more with the drivers downloaded from the site 😯 😮 Something unique was happened during my lukewarm computer career…. As I go 🙂 cheers guys and ladies be yourself 🙂

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