Well for starters I can start with the happy name day to all 🙂 and Colonel Adachi cheers ever be good at what you do. At the moment zabelâzavam a certain trend of imenti days to me zanimavma with laptops and it's well HP 🙂 in general I dislike hûled Packard especially lesd all our appointments for conversion from 🙂 to HR glista as usual I took an order for HP just from stubborn to show him who's the good guy in this battle is generally 😈 I started preisntal what tinagi everything is fine I don't get any driaveri miscellaneous Abe expected movie. I checked in google and you sent me draiveri directly on the official website and I know that things aren't so far from toam left me once I took off our skeptical 2-3 driavera and Oh goodness Oh miracle…. Working. In posledsvtie started to tear down the other… fuck all actually like guys in less than an hour I had a working machine with all the goodies in her 🙂 Fucking speechless I sat and watched the miracle had for the first time without problems with a machine of HP and even more so with drejverite downloaded from the site 😯 Will 😮 unikalnmo happened through my computer career mlaka…. Ккато ида е 🙂 наздраве пичове и дами бъдете себе си 🙂

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