me, my self and social groups

Ha more what are you sending the head 😉 social groups, and my participation in them 😀 not dosethe isn't it 😉 in General I'm a pretty antisocial creature and, as a rule, this I and virtual network. As izlechim forums, most of which are almost not to participate there is only one social SAI, in which I take part – Last.FM 🙂 Hate all sorts of tricks like facebook, myspace and saqui such societies. I prefer to satwa bloodnet his soul spokoistvie will not zanimava with murataite other, let them save for other. Now I certainly intended to write for oplya Saito y not we Ani a bit I just wanted to share that I'm already a member Grespania CY, as will soon become about 2 years, and at the weekend up Adrien beautiful additionally it 😳 you can listen to Muziek from him, and absolutely all 😳 an Absolute disgrace! Such a wonderful opportunity – you can prislushat that others were listening to listen to some things you recommend or music you “neighbors”, group idyllically Abe variants bole. And I and I was cotignola of the things where I listen to 😉 sense, I find it hard to detect music which Pohoda on my exquisite taste 😎 ahahahahahahahah or tie me too. I currently launched its radio neighbors, and I already have a new popgene Russian artist Dolphin 😉 Damn nice it is when a piece where they wanted cyc on the artist you hear more 2-3 where they were, and immediately torentte entire discography 😉 if you are just cyk the next cloth and so cool cyc cyc 😆

ps Panetterie to forget pacheca with something good 😉

ps2, if you do not do websites with music, it some selected Kombat fighters and so on… you look


  1. хехе, човече, на един сайт не му ли цъкнеш на всичко, що е за цъкане (без рекламките) то все едно не си го разгледал 😉 но ако някой те види да го правишти се лепва етикетуникално любопитно същество”, чудно защо ли
    хм, май трябва да се слушат и чуждитеквартали”, яка песничка 😉

    1. Хихихихихихи душица златна дам ама аз несъм такъв 😉 Както казах ползвам доста малко от интернет ресурса да речем ежедневно да обикалям 5-6 саита и 5-6 блога общо доста малка цифра 😉 преди небеше така ама в един момент спамери от всички страни се обединиха срещу мен и скаипа бан листа му стана по дълъг от другия 😛 Мерси за песновката и мен ме трепе а я си кажи потребителя в Last.FM-a че да та видя какво слушаш или ме добави че да не става публично достояние 😉

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