me, my self and social groups

Guess what I'm going to spam your heads for 😉 About social groups and my participation in them 😀 you didn't guess right до In general, I'm quite an antisocial being and in general I'm like that in the virtual network. Excluding the forums in most of which I hardly take part, there is only one social site in which I take part – Last.FM 🙂 I hate all kinds of nonsense like facebook, myspace and all sorts of such societies. I prefer to leave my prodigal soul alone so as not to be preoccupied with the antics of others, let them keep them for others. Now I'm not going to write to spit on these sites, I just wanted to share that I'm already a member of the aforementioned site, how soon will they become around 2 years and over the weekend I just found a wonderful extra in it 😳 you can listen to a musician from it and at the same time quite a whole 😳 Absolute shame! Such a wonderful feature – you can listen to what others have listened to listen to some things that are recommended to you or to your music “neighbours”, of groups and performers abe options pain. And I was so tired of what I was listening to 😉 meaning it's hard for me to find music that resembles my refined taste 😎 ahahahahahahahahahahaha or my tie too. Now I have played my neighbors' radio and I already have a new hit of the Russian singer Dolphin 😉 It's damn nice to hear a song that makes you happy, you can still hear the artist's click 2-3 where they enjoy and immediately in the torrents the whole discography 😉 if not just a click on the next rag and so a strong click 😆

ps I almost forgot to treat myself to something nice 😉

ps2 whether not to make a page with music on it with some selected videos and so on… I'll think about it


  1. хехе, човече, на един сайт не му ли цъкнеш на всичко, що е за цъкане (без рекламките) то все едно не си го разгледал 😉 но ако някой те види да го правишти се лепва етикетуникално любопитно същество”, чудно защо ли
    хм, май трябва да се слушат и чуждитеквартали”, яка песничка 😉

    1. Хихихихихихи душица златна дам ама аз несъм такъв 😉 Както казах ползвам доста малко от интернет ресурса да речем ежедневно да обикалям 5-6 саита и 5-6 блога общо доста малка цифра 😉 преди небеше така ама в един момент спамери от всички страни се обединиха срещу мен и скаипа бан листа му стана по дълъг от другия 😛 Мерси за песновката и мен ме трепе а я си кажи потребителя в Last.FM-a че да та видя какво слушаш или ме добави че да не става публично достояние 😉

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