mdadm schedules periodic redundancy checks

Mdadm is my beloved friend but something that irritates a lot – periodic inspections and resink the security health of RAID array- for example, there are data in a bad sector-and, which in turn crushed by the machine to the IO. Basically after I found čoplene guilty – branches that start usually around 1 pm every Sunday night. The idea is clear – sure that the array is in great condition and there are no dramas with the information. This is good but it seems many weekly, that's why it prekonfigurirah to r″nva of the first date of the month.

For Redhat-based derivatives path of Krone's /etc/cron.d/raid-check. For Debian based distroci's way /etc/cron.d/mdadm. Kronovete in turn called bash scripts /usr/sbin/raid-check for CentOS etc and /usr/share/mdadm/checkarray for Debian and friends. Parameters to the scripts are taken from /etc/sysconfig/raid-check or, respectively, /etc/default/mdadm where you may be banned entirely and check, that is not a very smart idea.


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