The most – finally the end of torment. I have my own car, it took me a long time to get one and now the pleasure is optimal. The one who is, че е не каква да е кола ами супер изрудската MAZDA MX3 с прекасния V6 двигател 😈 за непросветените ще рече ще това животно тича много. The engine has power 136 consi forces and its cubic capacity of 1.8 liters makes it one of the most- small V-shaped engines. The tachometer and is delineated to 8000 rpm and the switch is on 7800 a fact that speaks for itself ;). I will not swell you with other technical nonsense than to show you what the evil door looks like 😉 And I forgot to say, I have a great car 😛

ps it's not mine that I don't have time to take pictures of him but I will upload his pictures as soon as possible 🙂


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