Malmo It is a very interesting new project – as a whole is designed to protect the server hosting malware on it, created by my friend and linux guru ShadowX. To clarify what exactly has in mind – nothing prevents to throw on what hosting a nice c99 shelche say and if not dostachno well tuned filesystem nothing prevents evil hahor to get hold of shell access. In general the idea of ​​malmon is right to monitor uploading a pleasant misery and them moved to a quarantine directory other than the document root-a. The principle on which it works is pretty nice – monitor the creation of new downloads on folder that is set to see the software in the presence of a file some Cotto coincides with certain signatures it refers to the eternal hunting grounds. Something like antivirus software 😉 script is written in python which makes it light, fast and flexible. To monitor the new files created using the relatively new mechanism core inotify. Although still not officially script stable version 3 days I have not had problems of a properly loaded server – One of the sites there is in the top 100 the tyxo 😉

I can continue to pour dry statistics and explanations of how deeply the code works, but will not do. I'd rather call you to download it and test if you have suggestions write to the author to 😉 if you see bugs again write people are wrong and it is good to stick together. Cheers!

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