mac os x usb installer

by 2-3 days do something quite evil 😈. As you know I have a little one without optical ustroistvo to him and therefore folding of any OS having preinstal an alternative way that is via the USB port and because I do not davt 100 and odd lev The USB dvd just so I can preinstalvam a guy folded like something bought flash drive that Mac-and I for preinstal of 2 weeks. I bought and my 8GB for 32 lev rest will izpozlvma beer 😉 Ragledah tutorial and video 2 disturbing things

1. to make this stick is required to have optical ustroistvo shalt tutorial vprechem which is not quite complete 😉 separately that not everyone riliiz permits. Wow, immediately followed by the question but co have only one company and no optical utroistvo??? With Linux will takvia problems just hitting iso-it and razpaketivash and then write a syslinux boot reckord to do and get ready so I looked for another way

2. found similar to the first tutorial but complete and the requirement to have installed mak :lol: What a great bunch of people right now my goal is to instalna if my old machine keeps popping 😉 what to do anyway without very much to think of a Mac hooked my comp and Oh heavens became all 🙂 made by the isoto iAtkos v5 10.5.5 installer flashche everything went smoothly isntalria extremely fast

Hitherto well but it is still a pending issue that there is no effective way without being limited by OS or hardware to make the installer stick to mak-a 🙂 and generally for the moment thinking some tricks of the trade to invent a universal way for this purpose in the case everything is 2 field

1. razpaketivane not properly DVD-it with the contents of that axis modes ball at the moment none 100% successful

2. Booth this level still grasping Yes, there generally I do a package with files of this type of Chameleon-a or EFI of Netkast according depends and then save them to think that I can handle a little easier with this level.

Overall for the time I have my successes and failures if I do not get tired I think I will soon have a serious progress, but it sucks that you got quite failures and not very onadahan to keep Abe complex shitnya 🙂 long as I otekchaval people

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