Linux skype clean only chat history

A few days ago I noticed that the place in / (root partition) I declined a cardinal. I looked in a hurry for any big download files but I found nothing. WTF ??? Then I began to search directory unexpectedly large amount of expectations – This turned out to be my home directory. After a brief examination of the more things it turned out that ~. Skype/ is the directory that I ate HDD-(a). A quick la-lah immediately showed that the large files are of type URchatmsg1024.dbb URchatmsg512.dbb and so on. In the details this is the story of your skype chat. Generally, the decision is to delete only those files that will reset your history if you support that but still want to save your story for the transferred documents say. It becomes easy with the command

$ rm -rf chat*

The following command deletes all files beginning with chat. There is always the option to ban history log-a but to me this is not the solution.

In fact these files are extremely interesting because of them pretty easy to decipher all the skype history – with which you have spoken what files are transferred and what you've written. But that is a topic for a future writing.

ps These observations were made on skype 2.2.35

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