Linux skype clean only chat history

A few days ago I noticed that the meat in / (root partition) my has drastically decreased. I searched quickly for some large downloads but found nothing. WTF ??? След това започнах да търся директория с неочаквано по голям размер от очаквания – this turned out to be my home directory. After a brief look at things, it turned out that ~.Skype/ is the directory that eats me from HDD-and. A quick la -lah immediately showed that my biggest files are of the type chatmsg1024.dbb chatmsg512.dbb and so on. In details, this is the history of your skype chat. In general, the solution is to delete only these files, so your history will be reset if you keep one, but you still want to save your history for the transferred documents, for example.. This is easy with the command

$ rm -rf chat*

The following command deletes all files starting with chat. There is always the option to disable the history log, but for me this is not a solution.

In fact, these files are extremely interesting because the whole skype story can be read from them quite easily – who you talked to, what files you transferred and what you wrote to each other. But this is a topic for some future writing.

ps These observations were made on skype 2.2.35

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