linux ntfs-3g high cpu usage

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Yesterday I had to pick up a virtual machine of Windowds NTFS my share. To my great astonishment, the machine began to drag out an awful lot when you start virtualbox creates your virtual HDD. WFT ??? Now a quick and handy top problem. ntfs-3g plowed on 100% cpu usage 3 6 my cores. Huh weird. After foot contemplation in this order problem jacking off

/sbin/mount.ntfs-3g /dev/sda4 /media/disk1part4 -o rw

Apparently/dev/sda4 is mount Ed only with default options. Ntfs driver generally have nuttin to worry with intense writing and reading in more shares if they are not rendered him a little miraculous settings.

  1. big_writes – the most important option to drop the intensity of load on your system using the record of large blocks.
  2. noatime – speeds up the system by prohibiting the renewal of inode access time If you do not need. Personally, I do not have
  3. windows_names – Here there is no acceleration but the file names are treated according to the conventions under which MS file names no matter whether they are big and small letters are the same ilki.

След както поправих опциите с който ми се монтира дяла fstab записът изглеждаше така

UUID=2213f519-f980-42bf-9e25-9201db38c458  /media/disk1part4  ntfs-3g  defaults,big_writes,windows_names,noatime 0 0

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