linksys wrt54gl & dd-wrt

Last week we built a local network of a school and launched the Internet through them 2 linksys wrt54gl as usual my expectations were justified by a lot of problems with both routers once again linksys did not disappoint me with their weak software and hellishly sad that they are a subsidiary of cisco 🙂 In general, I have never been biased towards technology, except for hp and linksys, but in both cases I have more than enough reasons to say so.. In general, the problems revolved around the fact that routers lost their settings completely or completely almost every day.. Also from time to time if they have not accidentally lost the settings if they disconnect from their pppoe connection then they did not want to re-hook although their option turned out to be explicitly at 1 min no connection to reconnect. Their power supplies were working. The substation is located in the school yard so there is little electricity or nasty fluctuations in it – excluded quite illogical things. Today I decided to change their software with which they work with some Linux 😉 . There are a lot of projects in general from friends I know on the subject I know are the best Tomato, OpenWRT and DD-WRT. After reading the first and last were with pretty good GUI capabilities and the second was oriented more towards more hardened Linux users 🙂 . I saw it once “the tomato” and in general I know that its capabilities are good but a friend who is well ahead with the matter told me to try the dd-wrt., having previously checked for your router which one is right. In my case, I had to download 2 the file one mini and the other standard, first I went with the mini to unlock the frame and then with the normal file so that everything is fine. In general I can't say how the router works but 100% better than before it is still on Linux 😉 :I can only comment on the software capabilities and they are more than stunning from absolute statistics for all speeds, connection packages, etc. to… options where they are in routers for 1000$ and up really more than a pleasant surprise is all that can pptp server, vlan’s, like, loopback deteckt, the possibility for console work is possible through the gui or through telnet or ssh more than convenient and easy 😉 in general I looked at the software around 20 min and I couldn't fill everything but definitely dd-wrt is more than a good choice. If your router is in the supported hardware do not hesitate to change your old company software 🙂 you will get more than you can use.


  1. DD-WRT-ето е класика в жанра 😉 Лично на мен ми е любимият firmware със супер много възможности. Като си го кача на едно buffalo whr-G*** и лети 😉 Даже гледам, че в последно време се продават понови buffalo-та дирекнот с DD-WRT 🙂

  2. Дам то на много рутерчета вече дд-то е по дефаулт 🙂 иначе мамка му на тия скапани линксис се държи повече от добре. томатото е готинко малко по леко и с по урязяни възможности 😉 абе готино е и то въпрос на предпочтания 😉

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