Some time ago I was bawling is dead, I can't buy the engine that I want for my naughty MX3 and was abandoned ideas until I had something more serious. During this time his various themes and čopleh forums miscellaneous and dostinah when it hit me 😉 – either way he buys will be partly bezsmilesno KLDE's engine to start his conversion to KLZE – far more literate solution would be to start preparing for it turbinirane. The engine that comes with a low level of compression 9.2:1 which is beneficial even without čoplene to swell by about 0.5 bar , that and a little top, that will give him about compression 12.8 the bar into the cylinders and quite quite rough accounts will make 164 Equestrian engine to 220 magarenca 😎 sounds good to you and if you still look forward to decompress and pushed the level of compression to say to 8 or 8.5:1 will I be able to do with naduf 1 bar or 1.2 from the turbine 😯 and then almost directly will change the first number of the horses of 3 and vtorto you better not 😉 overall the plan is far more literate and low budget than to do conversion to ZE and then wonder what to do with it. But there's always a big BUT now except that you gotta find a relatively sound engine is not as blown away I need to make a huge amount of accounts on all the parts that you will need in the future, because the turbinirane is no joke and a turbo kit is a lot of money and is quite limited compared with that costume. Yet there's still a lot of great amount of knowledge to gain to be convinced, that is what I want to do.

Here's a demontraciâ for around krainiâ varint which should bring 😉

ps Today I put the first good parts in my car 😀 Wires for NGK spark plugs generally is the most- the good that can be found on the market. The engine started to run repeatedly at evenly, and one feels very pleasant dynamics in low, but it explained the cables for reinforcement – with resistance 8 OMA are while normal with 16 OMA Cotto means more current – in good ekploziâ 🙂

ps2 I don't know if I was clear but my personal favorite is already KLDE 😉

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