jmuda revival

If some of you my dear fellows had noticed sarbarcheto I was offline for a few days 🙁 My poor jmuda January fate befell bad hard drive and to concentrate on collapsing. Full horror especially, and keep bekupite the same hard ahahahhaha. To my delight I managed to save the necessary information thanks to ultra mega hyper collars Tool testdisk 😉 If you ever have problems with the hard drive and if testdisk did not do nothing to help. Doskoo Islay that recovery of information from ext3 partition is impossible for my joy sinning much 😆 already Hardy zhmudata is 80 seats more than enough as there is a small 10GB a second backup so I hope everything is just a cheap secured and can in that way and to take an 8GB flash drive and a third backup that at least there is a great life and nothing to be worried if some disk dies. Now continue with Setting-up in the next few days if not stable zhmudata to know that I play with her 😀 And if anyone asks again Debian netinstall I caught 😈

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