jmuda revival

If some of you, my dear friends, had noticed my itch, it would have been offline for a few days 🙁. Horror full especially as I keep the backups on the same hard ahahahahaha. To my delight, I was able to save the necessary information thanks to the ultra hyper mega cool cool testdisk 😉 If you ever have problems with the hard drive and if the testdisk fails there is nothing to help. Doskoo I thought that restoring information from the ext3 partition is impossible, to my joy I was wrong a lot 😆 Well, the hard drive is 80 more than enough as there is a small 10GB for a second backup, so I hope everything is secured and maybe onwards to take an 8GB flash drive for the 3rd backup that at least there life is great and I have nothing to worry about if some disk dies. Now I continue with the settings and in the next few days if it is not stable you know that I am playing with it 😀 And if some are wondering again I have hooked up Debian netinstall 😈

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