I don't know if some of you are suffering from insomnia, but I have a frequent visitor. Relatively to surrender I had so severe – the whole week I was half asleep the floor woke up with a strong lack of concentration. For the uninitiated, where only heard in the movies everything looks so – fell asleep when I woke up, and woke up while you sleep. The world seems to be moving slowly, stretched in space very much. You try to sleep, and zandramas and soon you rasboras so, until it's time to get up. As you Wake up, guess how many of them body 😀 usually for good writing material in the wiki is 😉 I suffer from mild to severe forms of insomnia. 😀 Sometimes I am feeling, what to look at the world through a protective screen like one – far from me, and I sakawa lack of concentration. Predmalku back from work – on foot, and I had feelings for, that will fall asleep on the road. Male fuckin ' and separato condition 2 words to sleep and you constantly have to nespis. One of the surest ways I've found to cut max 😉 preferably with spirits, that beer swell it 😆 . There is some sasivimol between headache to me, strange dreams and insomnia – anything that comes in a bunch 🙄 in General had ponamalle before I had monthly cyclic, now, from time to time in a few weeks. I believe, that heat cause, but that is not one of- petite things 🙂


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