I don't know if any of you suffer from insomnia, but he is a frequent visitor to me. I hadn't had such a severe form since I was relatively devoted – for a whole week I was half asleep half awake with a strong lack of concentration. For strangers who have only heard of the movies, things look like this – you are asleep while you are awake and you are awake while you are asleep. The world seems to be moving more slowly, stretches in space incredibly much. You try to sleep and fall asleep and soon you wake up and so on until it's time to get up. When you wake up, guess how alert you are 😀 In general, according to the well-written material in the wiki 😉 I suffer from mild to severe insomnia. 😀 Sometimes I have a feeling, that I look at the world through a protective screen as if it were one – away from me and I have any lack of concentration. I came home from work too little – on foot and I had a feeling, that I will fall asleep on the road. Male fuck and fucking condition with 2 words you sleep constantly and you can't sleep. One of the safest ways I've found is to cut yourself to the max 😉 preferably with hard alcohol, that beer makes her belly swell . There is some dependence between my headaches, strange dreams and insomnia – everything comes together 🙄 In general it had decreased before I had a monthly cycle, now from time to time for a few weeks. I think so, that heat is the cause, but whatever is not among the most- nice things 🙂


  1. И при мен безсъние:) Пробвам йога в планинатамай има ефект:)

    1. Аз с стабилна пияка го решавам проблема 😉 несъм фен на йогата но виж за планината и на палатка това вече е друга хава 😉 🙂

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