I’m Back

Long time I didn't draŝil anything – laziness and total time of lispa. Because now my blog because the old customs of his kids barefoot cobbler, so I 🙂 my vsâkva saita was under criticism. Now ″pdeitnah to the latest version of wordpress to be alive and well the dudes for their work, nasitna very gotinko has received. Maybe some day when I have more time to write another sewed will slap es a WP plugin-it. So a little now to show for, even to show off how much I enjoyed my life and how I'm the- big. For starters, I bought a SeaGate SATA2 hardec dream 320GB 16MB cash 🙂 sounds sexy doesn't it 😉 . Equipped with a new monitorče and I Samsung SM920NW I can't nahvalâ, This is a small Pearl (small 19 inch). Nasitna is good I have worked on many TFT-but it so lightly wiped all along the way, especially the Philips-s, that you have at home and at work on a,em em dearly nestruvat 😛 . So my point was that it is a normal hatrakteristiki and is skromnta price of 370lv which is not much for such a good performance. Is true of the design is not impressive but what a picture 😀 . Is this generally are my new acquisitions. Now a little pofukam am a big 😉 what programâga . I already have my full s″rb″r built by me – a modest torentče. Tricked out with her machine Debian 4.02netinstall you r and fell asleep. For system I installed him torrent Btit Tracker v.1.4.7 a really good, easy to control and modify sistemka. While I was just updating it to make an appropriate and user-friendly kind even I made my mods (or mods of modovete more) 😆 hihihihi. The pity is that the machine will never see the light of the world is a local torrent tracker of 100-man in a neighbouring village 🙁 . Another modest achievement in my programming knowledge is that MySQL bad 🙂 a couple of times it happened to me very bezprični to fall based Danny 🙁 and then walking on bogordica in torment did, which on the one hand, it is nice that I saw almost all the possible variations for the repair of the database. The more izpozlzvam PgSQL the more brave I can claim that he is good :lol: edinstvento thing that I don't like in it is a bad environment and, But what does my head though I am more- good programsit than admiinistrator. Get long again 🙂

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