I’m Back

I haven't scratched anything in a long time – laziness and total lack of time. Because now I'm fixing my blog because according to the old custom of the shoemaker, his children are barefoot, so did my site under any criticism. Now I updated to the latest version of WordPress to keep the guys alive and well for their work, saturated very cool has been obtained. Maybe one day when I have more time to write another shit I will slap a new add-on for the WP. So now to brag a little, that is, to show off how happy I am with life and how I am the best- the big one. For starters I bought my dream hard drive SeaGate 320GB SATA2 16MB cache 🙂 sounds sexy right 😉 . I am also equipped with a new monitor Samsung SM920NW I could not praise him, it's a little pearl (small 19 inch). Satisfied is good I've worked a lot TFT-but this lightly wipes everyone in its path, especially Philips, that I have at home and at work one,em expensive em nestruvat 😛 . So my thought was that it has normal characteristics and is at a modest price of BGN 370, which is not much for such a good performance.. True from the design is not something impressive but what a picture 😀 . Well, in general, these are my new acquisitions. Now to brag a little about what a great program I am 😉 . I already have a surfer built entirely by me – a modest torrent. I equipped the machine with Debian 4.02r netinstall and just fell asleep. For a torrent system I installed it Btit Tracker v.1.4.7 a really good one, easy to manage and modify system. While I was reworking it to make it suitable and user-friendly, I even made my own mods (or mods of mods rather) 😆 хихихихи. It is a pity that the machine will not see the light of day, it will be a local torrent tracker for 100 people in a neighboring village 🙁 . Another achievement in my humble programming knowledge is that MySQL it's bad 🙂 a few times it happened to me that there was no reason for the database to fall 🙁 and then, by walking on the side of God, I fixed them, which on the one hand is nice that I saw almost all possible variations for correction based on data. The more I use PgSQL so boldly can I say that he is the good :mrgreen: the only thing i don't like about it is the nasty administration, but what does my head understand I'm still on- a good programmer rather than an administrator. It took a long time again 🙂

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