IE (Internet Explorer) faggot

Who says, that's quite a queer IE fair and quite sincerely I will tell him he's wrong – He is no ordinary gay and is fatty old faggot. Half a week already trying to debug the problems of us s″zdane Java Script and the stupid IE. My first surprise was nepriâtan when I wrote an elementary CSS to make it look like something not work on it. Work and at one point I decide to see what's going to show me under Eksplorera 🙂 and surprise, and not at the same time rendvaneto priâtana b″gvaše the CSS and HTML-a 😆 So nerazčitaše korekno (I was a little nekorekn defined) tag for the link <a href who in this position he worked in bezprobelmno 火狐 But IE doesn't read as a link and then I added <a href=” ” in order for Eksplorera to create an empty link not 🙂 I need empty links are just not write JS (Java Script) to display Windows with tips and therefore use the title attribute of the tag <(a)>. OK this is my kinda error But 😉 is the next very abnormal So nravih icons with different icons for different types of stream. IN FF (火狐) look wonderful and slightly transparent yellow borderi one by passing the mouse over the top are cute But again IE 😉 are the Institute of Bulgarian language- My son put a border grzen and podmenâše in the 🙁 position and a great bunch of DAOs pedal! The problem I decided it as a setnah a variable with content “border =”0” ” so if it's IE browser agent to put border zero otherwise remains stoinosta default. Far more interesting is that when I tested whether this problem will manifest itself in another browser – Wishbone. Pederaz is only IE. Opera and Netscape work out beautifully with CSS-a 😉 my Last idiocy was on Saturday, When I made the funckika for Windows pop″p. Again under it's FF 6+ However, at one point starting to Rumble in IE. I lost a lot of nerve and a whole day to find, a string variable is not read it as such and instead read “Radio PRJ” MOREOVER, it relies on it as a 2 variables ;). Well that was a friend quite capable a programmer who would ever think that was met with a similar problem and its gluspot. Again after tests with etc browsers the result was Internet Explorer-most- big motherfucker of all time 🙂 so if you do not nerazrešava zaglavi to AEH window is more than 1 Word (many are seeing more) 😀 😎 and vemesto summary, that in my future work will always do optimizations for FF and IE ever maybe even disable it from the supported browser types.


  1. за това съм съгласен IE (Internet Explorer) педераст само че колкото педераст е IE толкова е и FF и проблема е в начина по които се опитват да тиулеснятживота извън стандарта на W3C искат да автоматизират някои неща и от там става мазалото

  2. Абе то реално погледнато всички браузъри са пендели защото се опитват да мислят вместо нас 😉 lynx рулира

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