IE (Internet Explorer) fagot

Who says, that IE is a fagot I will honestly and honestly tell him that he is wrong – he is not an ordinary fagot but a fat old fagot. For half a week now I've been struggling with debugging the problems we've been creating since Java Script and dumb IE. My first unpleasant surprise was when I wrote an elementary one CSS to make the site look like something while working on it. I push myself and at one point I decide to check what it will show me under Explorer и and surprise and it is not pleasant at the same time the rendering of CSS and HTML-a 😆 So he didn't count correctly (it and I had defined a little incorrectly) link tag <a href who in this situation worked smoothly in FireFox but IE didn't read it as a link and then added <a href=” ” so that Explorer can create a blank link for me 🙂 not that I need empty links I just don't have them, JS writes (Java Script) to show me tooltip windows, so I use the title attribute of the tag <and>. OK, this is somewhat my fault 😉 But the next one is much more striking So I liked icons links with different icons for different types of streams. В FF (FireFox) look wonderful transparent borders and a slightly yellow as you pass the mouse from above abe cute 😉 However IE are still Ibe- he put an ugly blue border on me and didn't replace it in anyone's position 🙁 Ebassi and the pedal! I solved a problem by thinking of a variable with content “border =”0” ” and so if it is IE browser the agent is put border zero otherwise it remains the default value. Far more interesting is that when I tested whether this problem will occur in another browser – eater. Pederaz is just IE. Opera and Netscape do great with my CSS 😉 The last idiocy was on Saturday, when I made the funk for popup windows. Everything is under FF again 6+ however, at some point it starts thundering in IE. I lost a lot of nerves and found all day, a string variable does not read it as such and instead reads “Radio PRJ” IE reads it as 2 variables ;). It's good that he was a friend of a very capable programmer who would remember that he had encountered a similar problem with decommissioning and its stupidity.. Again, after tests with other browsers, the result was Internet Explorer- the biggest fagot of all time 🙂 So if you're making headlines the WPP window doesn't allow it to be more than 1 word (many see him more) 😀 😎 And instead of a conclusion I will say, that in my future work I will always do optimizations for FF and IE maybe someday I will even disable it from the supported browser types.


  1. за това съм съгласен IE (Internet Explorer) педераст само че колкото педераст е IE толкова е и FF и проблема е в начина по които се опитват да тиулеснятживота извън стандарта на W3C искат да автоматизират някои неща и от там става мазалото

  2. Абе то реално погледнато всички браузъри са пендели защото се опитват да мислят вместо нас 😉 lynx рулира

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