Almost a week I am the owner of the head HTC TyTN or known under the code name HTC Hermes. The phone is in principle the mother was with windows mobile 5.0 but I think with the gold 6.1 🙂 Tried and 6.5 it, however, something a little lagwa. Claviculata it incredibly convenient of the peace I programme it 😉 Display is enough for a movie sapana watched the movie in train or bus. Freight cars HTC ( High Tech Computer ) always had a good reputation, and I can tell, that is not unreasonable. The model slightly starchok 2006 🙂 , but it works perfectly with the new applications, а като характиристики само по рам памет остъпва на новите модели. A little sad that I made it possible- bad choice for the phone that I decided to make its operating system, because the project is for linux and Android on Hermes can be in- the initial stage, almost 0 it is. In any case, I have Vlasov team at razrabotchika, they odara one shoulder. While working smokingcan on portmoneto on arm - to add a patch for add the video. Video accelerator wyzemoro the most serious problems, because it is almost mystical, and some guys nupcial elementarno control very early level, but it will work. In General, it would seem simple, but it's quite a bit of work and reading. But a hell of a lot of platforms, and some developers never wonder what projects are going very slowly. 🙂 At least be fun.

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