I have been the owner of the sympathizer for almost a whole week HTC TyTN or known by the code name HTC Hermes. The phone was basically with windows mobile 5.0 but I use it with 6.1 🙂 I tried and 6.5 however, something lags on him a little. Its keyboard is insanely comfortable, I can easily program on it 😉 The display is enough to stare at a movie on the train or bus. HTC typewriters ( High Tech Computer ) they have always carried on with good fame and I can say, that it is not without reason at all. The model is a little old 2006 🙂 , but works perfectly with new applications, а като характиристики само по рам памет остъпва на новите модели. I'm a little sorry I did the best I could- the bad choice for a phone that I decided to change its operating system, because Hermes' Linux and Android project is as possible as possible- initial stages, almost on 0 is. In any case, I will have to join the development team, to give them a shoulder. For now, I am working on my own on the porting of arm kernel to which to add a patch for the video. Video accelerator is possibly the most serious problem, because it is almost mystical and some boys have written elementary control at a very early level, but it will work too. In general, it sounds simple, but it's a lot of work and reading. But a hell of a lot of platforms and a few developers so I'm not surprised that projects are moving a hell of a slow. 🙂 At least I'll have fun.

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