HTC TyTN 2 (kaiser) Android

By 2 days entirely Windows-Mobile I got rid of it and I have installed a NAND Android on- 2.2 on my HTC Kaiser. Generally my observations are positive – not that I have time for extensive work and research on šitnite that run on the phone and stuff but I like the little ideâtam that there is a normal terminal emulator, I can pick up the phone top, ls, iptables, telnet or ssh to do my normal work remotely. I have mild observations on eating the RAM but I believe, че ако му забия един SWAP дял ще се подобрят нещата. Като остане време ще се занимая по подробно с изследване на init структурата на тая глупост да видя колко излишни неща ще махна и дали ще успея да сваля времето на стартиране.

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