By about a week I'm already the owner of HTC TyTN 2. I sold my old HTC TyTN 1 and with some supplements I bought Kaiser-a(the code name of the TyTN 2). My new Communicator is different from the old one with a lot more good hardware – the new generation ARM processor, 2 times more RAM for larger NAND ROM-a. Separately, it also has a GPS which foolishly I missed him a lot in the old Hermes. The previous owner was not experimented with machinery, and that's why all the pleasure of the SPL and unlocking and fell to me To drive it right now 🙂 with Android in the memory card, that's something I'm not delighted with the droid and I think I'm going to play to portna Openmoko GUI. My work on the previous project completed as portnah Touch Screen driver-a. I believe there was more bread in the project but had neither the time nor the nerves to deal with it. So far, will drive with Android-a until I have time to portna Openmoko-it though droid as much as I like better Windows Mobile 😉 I got some remarks on work of the phone but the project is far too advanced to be included in the team of developers.

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