It's never too late to become an embarrassment for the people said. Only today I learned, that CBQ bulge in rules over 10Mbit and horror that I have a good few clients for whom I use it and some of them are above the critical limit. After a brief meeting with fellow we put HTB that turned out to be, that there are no problems as the other meh″niz″m for traffic control. After a few minor prenastroiki I just compiled new shapers and everything went as I had. A number of corporate clients will be satisfied with others were, that for about 2 hours I walked the limitations of traffic while standing by praveždah-HTB, Anyway I was cutting them with traffic just to enjoy 😉 later sm″rzi me will read thoroughly, the difference in the two meh″niz″ma to see exactly where the first blow and can poopiša if not even more lazy me 😆

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