Gnome Shell Weather extension stop working

I had noticed for some time that it had stopped working for me gnome shell weather extension-and we. In general, he muttered that it was not an up-to-date version of my version of Gnome Shell. Strange because I updated it by updating my gnome shell version. Then I dropped it, because it's not a pain to die and I still have time to delve into such small mistakes. But today I decided it was high time I stopped doing this and fixed my miracles. I updated the git tree to the latest version, I installed a new one – no change. WTF. Then I hit him with a make uninstall and something shocking came up, the add-on was still disabled as not updated, and I had uninstalled it. In general, at this point I assumed that it is installed in some other folder for extensions and therefore makes a cut. From now on, things unfold in the following scenarios. Find the name of the add-on, find the add-on and remove. Getting the names of the installed add-ons in the gnome shell is done with the following command

gsettings get enabled-extensions

From whose outcome I understood, that I have activated an add-on named [email protected] Fun. The nice thing in this case is the name of the add-on folder and you can easily locate the location with the command

find / -name '[email protected]'

Here things have become easy. From the output of the find I understood, that it has in 2 papaki. A quick rm -rf of the 2 folders and everything fell into place. A quick installation of the add-on and restart of the gnome shell.

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