Gnome Shell Weather extension stop working

For some time I noticed that I stopped working gnome shell weather extension-a ми. In general, fret not been updated version of my version of gnome Shell. Strange as it upgraded me refresh version of gnome shell. Then I left, because it is pain to die and fewer still have time to delve into such small errors. But today I figured it was high time to stop this and fix my miracles. Обнових git tree-a до последна версия, I installed a new – no change. WTF. Then I hit a make uninstall and show something shocking, add still was deactivated by not renewed, and I had uninstalled. Generally at this point I assumed that it is installed in another folder extensions and therefore makes sections. From now on things are going in the following scenarios. Finding the name of the additive, finding the add and remove. Taking the names of instaliranete additives gnome shell stances with the following command

gsettings get enabled-extensions

Whose output realized, I have activated supplement named [email protected] Fun. Pleasant is the case it is the folder name of the additive and can be easily opertes location and command

find / -name '[email protected]'

Things now become easy. The outcome of find-a realized, have it in 2 hoop. A quick rm -rf the 2 Papac and everything fell into place. A quick installation of add-on and restart gnome shell.

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