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One damn disgusting thing about using Gnome with an English locale is, that shows me the first day of the week Sunday. It is terribly uncomfortable and irritating. The solution is damn simple to change the order of the localization file from

first_weekday 1 на first_weekday 2. And because I'm lazy to do it by hand every time I did it in a script 😉 That when I update the localizations and the situation is blurred ugly. The script must be run root.


if [ $EUID -ne 0 ]
 echo -en "\n \033[1;31m Must be a root \033[0m \n"
 exit 0

LOCAL=$(locale | grep LANG | cut -d"=" -f2 | cut -d"." -f1)

if [ -f $FILE ]
 sed -i 's/^first_weekday.*/first_weekday 2/' $FILE

 killall gnome-panel

 echo -en "\n \n \n \033[44;1;33m Done \033[0m \n \n \n"
 echo -en "\n \033[1;31m File doesent exixst \033[0m \n"

If you eventually use another type of localization, the script will intercept it. And will do it on Monday if it is not и Here is a link to script.


  1. I had dealt with that (before I got lazy and didn't run at me), by changing the locale to Danish … so don't bother with updates 😉

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