Geany is a better python IDE

My favorite text editor is Geany. It is very minimalist HERE it supports a huge range of languages – shell, php, python, C … etc. Have their autocomplete and at the same time, bloody well. He lacks one and another nice opportunity, but at the moment, for me, it's more than enough. I online course Python Programming at SoftUni – to refreshing knowledge and will update as I have not followed adequately, what happens to python 3. Speakers of course recommend PyCharm as IDE for programming pyton, but I not my taste, of course, I use Geany for exercise.

During the lecture, felt painful 2 shortage

  1. python autocomplete and you highlight from the documentation, functions and methods
  2. you will never for pep8 standard

The fact that Geany is quite flexible than configuration and can be easily supplemented than missing such. Let's add the python documentation on our IDE:

  • dyble it the following script somewhere on our PATH, for example /usr/bin, and don't forget to make it executable
  • edit the file ~/.config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.python, like in settings, add the following lines context_action_cmd=pydocw %s. If there is only add the name of Bearcat from the previous step. ReWire Geany, if you work.
  • We already have a context action that will allow you to get information about the function. I added a shortcut to me is more comfortable as I do not understand any functionality. Leach me this approach very much because I like annoys me netbeans approach.

So far so good. Then I'll wish I never code that I write – if you write it according to General accepted standards, or write any gattii. In General, I found again tutorialon as things happen, but it's a little outdated – Geany has all of this built into itself, just need to install pep8 package. In Debian apt-get install pep8 does work in other destrot themselves need to learn how the magic happens. On the Build menu, the second button (at least I have) - Lint, by clicking it you will see how ugly code you have created 😀

Screenshot from 2016-01-11 20-42-21

It outlines how to make your Geany works well with Python and still be fast, not CPU makes you want to pull bullets.

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