Fuck You

Are there times when you just want to tell you mainata, No zanimavai was p″rcal. Eventually you realize that the people called for no reason just because today's black. Because that guy is smotanâh without a hat or a favorite chewing gum you took before you. Often people behave selfishly and arugantno, just like that, take everything for granted and that everything will be like yesterday the last day…. But sometimes hurt, even on that invisible way people hurt them, and shit just sometimes too late or too early and “I'm sorry I didn't mean I was stupid piece sorka”. In a few moments we do foolish things and meaningless sorry or looking for reasons other “well it did fool” instead of look at yourself in this incredibly true moment to take a look in the mirror to see beyond skin flesh and blood, to see if you really like what you see. If that is the- good thing you can give/get. You feel odovletvoren by myself. If the answer is Yes, welcome to the wonderful world. And if you don't “Kansas is no longer the same Dorothy” взима синьото хапче беиби погледни се виж се в очите на другите 🙂 а не космат или рошав или изрусен илибезброи епитети. Просто се поглени.

ps Написаното в поста е написано в абслютна деменция, връзки с деитвителни лица или случки са абсолютно случаини 🙂 просто малко разхвърляни мисли 🙂

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