Fuck You

Are there times when you just want to say fuck, he didn't bother me. You later realize that I insulted people for no reason just because it's black in front of your eyes today. Because those idiots are without a hat or someone took your favorite chewing gum before you. Often people are selfish and arrogant, just like that, take everything for granted and that everything will be as yesterday last day…. But sometimes we hurt, even in that invisible way people are hurt, and damn it just sometimes it's too late or too early a “sorry i didn't want i was a dumb piece of sorka”. At times we do crazy things and senselessly regret or hide reasons in others “but the fool saw him” instead of looking at ourselves and in this hellish real moment looking in the mirror to see beyond the skin the flesh and blood, to find out if you really like what you see. Is this the best- the good you can give / receive. Do you feel satisfied with yourself. If the answer is yes welcome to the wonderful world. And if not “Kansus is no longer the same Dorothy” take the blue pill baby look at yourself in the eyes of others 🙂 not hairy or shaggy or blushing or… countless epithets. Just look at yourself.

ps What is written in the post is written in absolute dementia, relationships with active people or events are absolutely accidental 🙂 just a little messy thoughts 🙂

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