FireFox tuning

As a self-respecting representative of the open source idea, I love open solutions 😉 In general, this guide is from things I have read from my observations, etc. 🙂

1. The most important thing is to install FasterFox (for FF3 click) the supplement, then open a new tab and write in it


and I will open to you the settings of the fox. There, find the key with the name network.dns.disableIPv6 and double-click its value to true This is from speed optimization. There is already a program for unidouss users that will be able to optimize the fox. FireTune gives you control over some annoying fox defects such as swallowing a lot of ram, the program is recommended for weaker computers. For Linux users ;) there is even a more readable solution Swiftfox is a project in which FireFox is optimized for different types of processors, his speed is amazing.

2. Goole- sometimes when you're looking for something it's nice to have help. The use of CustomizeGoogle gives you a lot of options when searching on Google- search help ( gives you hints), filters with which you can pass some sites from search, https link to Google sites.

3. The banners – boredom on the internet. Adblock Plus after its installation it will offer you a sheet with regular expressions for blocking banners and give it to EasyList USA (I think it was now that I don't mind pushing it with my filters) then 90% from the banets will disappear the rest you can easily block yourself. Always during the installation and domabyavm two expressions for blocking

*/baner / *


With these two expressions you clear enough of its banners 100% everything from zamunda 😉
4. Download managers. I've always hated FlashGet and under Linux there is not a single readable manager except wget And to rely on the fox's down manager – pure madness. DownThemAll! download manager 500k ;)

5. Greasemonkey Allows you to include java scripts in some pages and improve their functionality.

there are quite a few ;)
6. compatibility with some of the old addons with FF3 :) open a new tab and type in the address bar about:config psoel with the right mouse button click and new->boolean for name put extensions.checkCompatibility and value you choose false
7,8…. I finished the most important things, others are now a personal choice FireFTP ftp client in the fox :) Gmail Notifier waiting for you Gmail for new chicks

Finally, my advice is to upgrade to FireFox3 is much faster 😉

ps I forgot to add maybe the most- my useful supplement 😉 Foxmarks This is an add-on that takes care of the synchronization of the bookmarks of different computers, operating systems and other things. 2 minutes and settlement does everything for you 😉 and you are everywhere with the same bookmarks

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