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After a long and thorough reading and thinking in the end what I decided to do with my car, I think I'm going to give a wonderful KLZE which is born 200 horses which is 70 more from my. Nice 🙄 have done. most – forward to ask – How is easy is located in our dear homeland, in what state of health and what price range is the dream. The answer that I received was as voluble ever given

Title: Re: mx3 klze
МнениеPosted on: Ned, 11 Apr 2010, 20:32
1985 Mazda 626

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Location: Pleven, Bulgaria/Sofia

… I've never seen KLZE, There is a partial conversion for rudiments … but all motorbike genuine in our latitudes ZE ridiculous to find.

This is a capacity of Mazda Forum and nothing more than that I want to – the man knows very well what is speech and keep fucking Jesus fuck 🙁. No advanced country and we nazadnala fuck. Part of the 3rd world are not the euro Union. People driving cars around the world and their troškite here doiznosvame, and when we decide to do something in them we fuck more – crappy roads high taxes, Hell cab and expensive parts. The latter is a brutal truth 99% my friends kopuvat parts of England just because it's cheap and treatment quality is guaranteed. Not like our junk hem with double ham prices man you sell.

As I'm mildly pissed. Why do you ask, well, I don't know maybe I'm already spoilt brat who even under the most – small denial of any desire to be fulfilled now cries, or just know what I want and the stupid reality kills everything in me. I don't know the truth is out there, and at the moment I can't think of a rational option – just because I'm going to buy an engine for around 1500lv which is 30 more from my horse and for conversion as villas will go very much money – totally misplaced razod. Another is to start to build or already rebildna the system 😡 time will live will think and decide what I'm going to do. Do I want something serious, however, have the option ZE to order from abroad – the purchase will come around 2000$ the delivery never count Doria, but she probably won't be under 1000$. I will be honest how many country oligofrenska, not that I didn't know it was painful just uncomfortable feeling. Here's a video with the dream 😀 Note dviženito the camera is fed by gas 😉

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