Fantastico Deluxe default DB in Latin1 instead UTF8

Last week we purchased Fantastico Deluxe Installer, which in my humble opinion is one of the most reputable for CPanel servers. We tested it we installed and everything went smoothly. Today a customer informed me about a problem with the enkodinga of wordpress installation. I looked up and immediately get the problem bases were with default encoding instead of Latin1 UTF8 as was supposed. Even more fun is, in phpmyadmin and it says that it uses UTF8 as default, drama. I decided to review the files of Fantastico-it to see if I can find myself someplace where the settings for the default databases at first glance I didn't see anything. I see what's nose started bleeding in my. conf-what to see there was no appropriate settings in the configuration and everything start to what is set by default. Mysql server is hardkodnat to use UTF8 unless configured with other settings and Fantastico-it with Latin1 ( which is a pretty stupid decision). The solution is trivial as always add 2 line in [mysqld] missing part so to be UTF8 as encoding by default, and it all goes to sleep 🙂


Нямам никаква идея поради каква причина съм пропуснал тези настройки при положение че си играх да правя няколко “фини” настройки на mysql-а.

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