Easy WEB server Debian linux and M$ Windows

I decided to write another useful stat for a simple web server covering basic Apache needs, PHP and MySQL 🙂 in general I will not go into specific settings and so on because then I would name the article Perfect WEB Server 😉 with a little desire things can always go on 😉 In general, a few words about what we will need какво

1. Apache2 😉 the newer the less well-known exploits or lack of them do not need more comments

2. PHP5 well, it's coming soon 6th version 4th is officially discontinued so we won't deal with old things 🙂

3. MySQL5 version 6 is in alpha stages, I don't want it to crash with fresh files 😉

In general, most modern distributions contain the necessary packages in storage 😉 and the installation itself will run as smoothly as possible if you use your installation tool apt-get slapt-get, emerge, yim, iast 🙂 it.n

So things written for Debian I think with little or no correction will be relevant for other dristrots and for Debian derivatives things 100% will work, so the installation follows:

apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin

in general these are the packages you need to work in general only after installation you restart the apache to catch the settings and you should now be able to use your web server. Default /var / www / е вашата уеб директория.Общо взето леко ще пипнем конфа на апачито че да можем да разрешим PHPMyAdmin-a отворете с любимия си редактор /etc/apache2/apache2.conf като най накрая на фала добавяме

# Enable PHPMyAdmin

Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf

Then we restart the Apache at http://localhost / phpmyadmin is available phpadmin a

If during the installation Mysql did not ask you for a password, it is good to remember it later with the command

mysql -u root

You will be asked for a password shake enter or you will not be asked at all 🙂 then run

SET PASSWORD FOR ‘root’@’localhost’ = PASSWORD(‘123456’);

by replacing 123456 with your password 🙂 and write exit then write

mysql -u root -p

and you will be asked for your new password 🙂 Well in general this is 🙂 Changing the password is the most- a little because you log in with the username and password for the database in PHPMyAmin a

For M $ most- the easy option is to download WAMP the package is installed by default in c:\wamp if you have skype installed it is good to stop using the 80th and 443rd port because by default the apache uses the 80th 😉 so it is easier to stop from skype instead of picking up the apache config, although if you are going to stock up on more serious things you will have to touch it here and there 😉 You already have a record as you have everything ready c:\wampwww web directory

In general, I highly recommend that you use such things under Linux because many codes do not work perfectly below M $ or do not work at all.. 🙂

A little advice if you have decided to share the hosting and you have a dynamic IP or you are behind a router with such a thing 😉 You can use it quite successfully NO-IP projects which for Debian is still available through apt-get 🙂 In general, when registering on this site you will be given a domain which at a certain interval turns to the computer software to update your IP address., if you are behind a router you need to configure in the router itself forwording rules for your IP in your internal network.

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