Easy WEB server Debian linux and M$ Windows

I decided struck another useful statiika for elementary web sarvarche covering basic needs Apache, PHP и MySQL 🙂 като цяло няма да се впускам в конкретни настроики и прочие защото тогава бих кръстил статията Perfect WEB Server 😉 при малко желание винаги нещата могат да се продължат 😉 Като цяло малко думички кое за какво ще ни трябва 🙂

1. Apache2 😉 as a new much less izvetni Lifecycle or their absence does not need more comments

2. PHP5 but soon wait sixth version 4th formally terminated so no deal with old things 🙂

3. MySQL5 sixth version is in alpha stage I do not want my thunders with freshki 😉

In general, most modern distributions contained in their repositories necessary packages 😉 and installation itself will run most smoothly if you use the instrument for the installation apt-get slapt-get, emerge, yim, honor 🙂 it.n

Така нещата написани за дебиан мисля че с малко корекции или без въобще ще са актуални и за другите дристроци а за дебианските деривати нещата 100% ще работят, така значи следва инсталацията:

apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin

като цяло това са необходимите ви пакети за работа общо взето само след инсталация рестартираите апачито за да си хване настроиките и вече трябва да може да ползвате вашие уеб сървър. По подразбиране /var/www/ your web direktoriya.Obshto taken lightly will pipnem conference of apachito that we can solve PHPMyAdmin-a Open with your favorite editor /etc/apache2/apache2.conf as the last of the foul add

# Enable PHPMyAdmin

Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf

Then restart apachito and at http://localhost / phpmyadmin available phpadmin-a 😉

If during the installation Mysql-and you do not ask for a password nice to finally posledtvie command

mysql -u root

You will be asked for parolka slammed entar or not at all asked 🙂 then run

SET PASSWORD FOR ‘root’@’localhost= PASSWORD(‘123456’);

replacing 123456 with your password and write 🙂 exit then write

mysql -u root -p

and you are asked for your new password 🙂 Well basically is 🙂 Changing the password is- less because they enter a user and password database PHPMyAmin-a 😉

About M $ at- easiest option is to download WAMP package is installed by default in c:\wamp if you have installed skaip nice to stop him pozlva 80th and 443rd port because the default apachito use 80th 😉 so easier to stop than skaipa instead of picking Apache config, although if you are restocking for serious things will have to tweak here and there 😉 already sledka as you have done vsichkoe c:\wamp\www web directory

Overall strongly recommend you to use things like Linux because many codes do not work quite CORRECT under M $ or no work. 🙂

Shortly savetche if you have decided to share hosting and you have a dynamic IP or you are behind a router with something like 😉 Quite success you can use NO-IP project that Debian is still available through apt-get 🙂 Overall the registration of that Sait will be Danel domeinche Cotto at regular intervals turns to softura computer to update your IP-adrsa, if you are behind a router must be set in the router itself forwording rules for your IP to your internal network.

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