Chasing me lately in the karsoti Mania grafičnat environment 😀 I think I've seen everything good about Gnome and therefore headed for alternatives. Naturally the forward testing KDE4 damn great has become more prilčia of boz″t″ 😆 and even this version 4.02 is unstable and unwieldy dosat 😉 So premihan in their various pens and stuff to get to E17 a light in the BEA and even a little difficult to convene and work desktop environment – It was love at first sight (my). I will refrain from uploading it on images because I think to change the hosting! Will only say that the plant wasn't so easy that it nesiakh through instalvam and find SVC until the colorful repozit it took me some time but in the Cain is looking for account used for repoztite Mint 🙂 then I used this tutorial to instalna E17 with sistrai. Generally the problem is sistraâ the E17 and enkodinga :lol: But once razr″čkaš in the menus you can modify your peace all

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