I've been obsessed with carts in the graphics environment lately 😀 I think I've already seen everything good in Gnome, so I turned to alternatives. Of course I tried first KDE4 fuck it has become great and even more like the boss, even the current version 4.02 is quite unstable and heavy 😉 So moved through their various boxes and so on to get to E17 a wonderful light and even a little difficult to call and work graphic environment – love was at first sight (my). For now, I will refrain from uploading photos because I am thinking about changing the hosting! I will only add that the installation was not so easy that I did not want to install it through SVC and until I found a sacred repository it took me a while, but in the cain account I was looking for I used the repositories for Mint 🙂 then used this one tutorial to install E17 with sistrai. In general, the problem is problematic in E17 and encoding :mrgreen: But once you tweak the menus, you can easily readjust everything

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