dreambox reviving (revival of the stubble)

Some time ago I mentioned to you that we will start the Escom cable TV project and in general we have started 🙂 We are already in the final rights in my city through the mass hooking of subscribers and so on. Today I had to revive a dead dream box 🙂 if you were dealing with satellite TV or such receivers there is no way you do not know Dream-Multimedia-Tv 😉 за сателитни приемници ползваме модела dreambox 500s overall a good receiver small in size with a dvb tuner output to hook up more devices after it. With LAN card remote and web interface for remote control and card reader and most importantly with Linux firmware… what more does a person need. Отделно че е предпочитан от сателитните пирати заради лесния шаринг на ключове 😉 Та стига празни приказки да пристъпя към същинката. I go to the office and watch one channel dead I believe in the web interface there is no connection on the lan too sux 😆 I restart the receiver I wait around 2 min there are none, I hang up directly for him again there are still no sux twice! I download it and decide to try if I can restore it through its COM port 😉 first I hooked up directly to see if there is hope for it with bitrate 9600 and oh the world, the symbols of the snipe came out super, so boot rum is not dead. I pulled away DreamUP a wonderful program for restoring sleeping boxes 😉 😈 Interface and is a super simple you have in common 4 бутона и 2 the choice whether to hook up to lan and or serial port and from there you have the opportunity to flash and delete the old flash. First I let it flash, I did it many times and I know that the old flash is deleted and then the new one is overwritten.. Everything became normal. But the box never came to life%&77!$&^!&*!%@ $ pretty quick words to the manufacturers. Then I call her to swear to delete the flash and then to flash again and I see that when I let her rub the flash drive and she started to rub a lot more things except the boot rum.. Super Maya will get up then flash again and oh heavens the wizard has started for the initial launch of dreambox. From there, everything is banal. The important thing was that there were oily settings because of which it did not start, a separate question is how it anointed them and so on, but this is a mystery that I can not understand 🙂

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