drag meeting 2

Yesterday, on May 2, I took part in the third relatively organized drag meeting. Този път нещата се развиха по план – at least the police didn't come to spoil the party, but therefore measures were taken on a few cars at a little publicity at the meeting. In general, it was pleasantly familiar faces from the previous time, I am no longer unknown among the nice Honda drivers 🙂 This time my statistics are relatively 50:50 the balance this time is not in my favor, although it is difficult to calculate because there are many people willing to compete with the Mazda in my class, so I had to eat paints from stronger Batkovs 😆 So specifically for the statistics really with 4 when I tested my Mazda

  1. Honda Prelude 160 horse with 2.3l engine with about 2 how much would you 🙂
  2. Opel Calibra 150 the horse with about car length would beat me
  3. VW Golf 120 the horse gave up in the middle of the tug so as not to beat him with 3 when 😀
  4. Honda Civic 125 the V-TEH horse with a colleague we did around 6 jerks do not remember exactly all but generally the first 2 they were equal, then they played with the settings and I won with more 3 коли и пак равна среща накрая с добре настроена кола победата беше за Civic-а с по малко от половин кола а последната ни дръпка беше с същата кола но с много по опитен шофер където ме би с около кола разтояние

These were the main moments of satisfactory performance as the losses are again from cars with a lot more donkeys than me 🙂

ps Finally the last 3 jerks with the Civic and Calibra I had a super heated clutch and I had huge problems with the gearing of the start 😳

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