drag a date 2

Yesterday on May 2nd I participated in vtroata relatively organized again dear meeting. This time things turned out as planned – the little doidoha not to spoil the party officers, but so were taken by little car a little publicity for the meeting. Generally it was pleasantly familiar faces from last time is not already bezivesten I simpatâgite 🙂 hondadžii among this time my statistics esravnitelno 50:50 This time the balance is not in my favor though it is difficult to calculate because the match with mazdata was off in my class a lot so I had to eat fear stronger guys So 😆 specifically for real statistics with 4 cars I tested mazdata

  1. Honda Prelude 160 the horse with the 2.3 l engine with around 2 car me 🙂
  2. Opel Calibra 150 the horse around with a car length me
  3. VW Golf 120 the horse gave up in the middle of that dr″pkata not to fight 3 car 😀
  4. Honda Civic 125 horse V-TEH with a colleague we made about 6 dr″pki do not remember exactly but all generally first 2 were of equal, He then started playing with the fax settings and I did win with the 3 car and again equal to the end date with a well tuned car victory was for Civic-and with less than half a car and our last was hit with the same car but with a lot more experimental punk'd me about car distance

These were the main points satisfying performance as losses are again from the cars with more donkeys than me 🙂

ps Finally last 3 dr″pki with a Civic-and-Calibra was with Super zagraâl clutch and I had a huge problem with the engagement of the launch 😳

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