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Interesting title a 😉 A few years ago when I first started writing on php I liked, among other things, the fact, that it is open source 🙂 I've always looked at php scripts as such despite, that there is a methodology for making it not like that. The most- popular and probably the only one, I was never interested, is through the use of zend guard. What is it about?, with this miracle you encrypt your flat file and it now becomes unreadable for a text editor except for the web server with the respective plug-in installed for its processing.. Due to the nature of the deity, I am not burning with desire to know what encryption algorithm he uses for this unnatural thing.. So my thought was this with this technique the code is protected from bad looks and think 😉 😈 🙄 Today for the first time I encountered such a thing, I found a system for managing something and the authors had tried to protect it. To be used only in the way they gave it and the OS provided by them, nothing so bad, just a little annoying and most- a little if you want to transfer it to, say, another machine, you need to comply with the config where the actors put it for connection to a database and various paths on the disk, not free to just change 2-3 order code. In this wonderful idyll, somehow for a moment I had the idea to rewrite it myself, but later I gave up the idea and called her to see this miracle where they did Zend (php developer) whether there really is no breaking as I have heard. After some digging in the net and very demotivating opinions about how this was an insanely unbreakable algorithm and how besides, that it was illegal and impossible, I found the holy grail – the sender 😉 In general, everything is super elementary and the boys from Nulled.WS have turned this operation into child's play.

Hey guys one of my first releases,
this is an dezender tool i found somewhere on some forums..
Worked a charm only problem was it was per file convert..
For your ease i wrote a bat file that saves you a lot of work 🙂

Use as following:
Put dezender in
C:\the sender
Make sure this README will be in C:\the sender!!! ( Else the dezender root is someplace else and the bat wont work + php config )

Put the program that needs dezending in _decode ( the whole program is fine ;), it will only parse php files but it will copy all other files to the decoded folder =) ).
run decode.bat

Sit back, grab another beer, should be done shortly depending on the size of the program

take a look in C:\dezender_decodeddezender

Enjoy ;),

” Midget “

This is from the readme file in the archive. All in all, I caught the whole project, slapped it in the decoding folder, and then everything was fine – the code was read, it was not broken or torn as I heard such opinions 😉

The dezender was removed from torrent which I think besides the file on my server to support 24/7 – FREEDOM 😆

ps I will not mention the project that was used for this purpose because it is not ethical, you will say how there can be ethics in a person who jokes about the work of others. I don't think I did anything wrong, it was all just because I wanted to learn something new to improve my knowledge, is it bad, that you are watching the news? Imagine watching them without sound or without a picture 😉

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