Depeche Mode final story

Well, the information is now official and the last Depeche will not come to Bulgaria. Daeba can't help but pull a powerful one 🙁 there was some hope, I don't hope too much, but still…. Fuck here linkche with the full news 😕 😡

Here's a piece to show the broken atmosphere from the academician's stadium concert before 3 years when many fucked up as if I were not 🙂 happy


  1. Oh, I completely understand you. And I was one of those who spent the previous concert, this one – again. I'm already starting to like it, to admit:D Deep and deeper. But I still hope to see my uncles live:Р

  2. of dump still shakes me depression for the concert but that's life 😉 if it was easy it would not have fallen on us

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