debian x64 clean and disable multiarch support

As I wrote recently, my people from Debian pass the multiarch support. That in itself is a good thing a lot of things will go as normal, for example, some problems with wine of x64 architecture would fall. Because my system is quite complicated is generally configured sid (unstable) However, benefit packages and testing and with the multiarch-things lubricated. Hate it. So today I have to clean my system of all dependencies for i386 can palne as people 🙂

In General, the procedure is extremely trivial. Clean architecture i386 packages and prohibit live happily ever after 😉 how does this happen with the following command below. That is, they are 2, in the event that someone is interesting how packages has managed to našie all the things around you is real Uploader second cleans the system.

dpkg -l | grep i386
apt-get remove --purge .*:i386

Here everything is clear with a clean system, we. The only thing left to ban one crease system architecture

dpkg --remove-architecture i386

apt-get update

Hi clean living. If one day I'm not lazy will sit down to write my pin-s for priorities of packages as people that do not crease and multiarch-but overall I don't have a very big desire to do prefer clean x64 system in front of multiple recurrent libraries.

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