debian x64 clean and disable multiarch support

As I wrote recently, my people from Debian are moving to multiarch support. This in itself is a good thing a lot of things will go normally for example some problems with wine on x64 architecture will disappear. Because my system is much more complicated to configure it is generally sid (unstable) however, testing packages are also used and with the multiarch things are lubricated. Extremely unpleasant at that. So today I had to clean my system of all i386 dependencies in order to be able to run like people 🙂

In general, the procedure is extremely trivial. We clean the packages, disable the i386 architecture and live happily 😉 how does this happen with the following command below. Ie they are 2, in case someone is interested in how many packages he has managed to get along with all the things he has actually uploaded, the second one cleans the system.

dpkg -l | grep i386
apt-get remove --purge .*:i386

So far, everything is clear, we have a purge system. All that remains is to ban the architecture where the system crushes us

dpkg --remove-architecture i386

apt-get update

Hello clean life. If one day I don't get bored I will sit down to write down my pin priorities for packages like people so as not to crush the multiarch but in general I don't have much desire to do so I prefer a clean x64 system to many duplicate libraries.

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